Welcome to Nakano Designs

Welcome to my site. Grab some coffee, relax and stay a few!

I have read and commented on many blogs throughout the past few years and now, I’m glad to have a place to call my own! I am also grateful to to share my graphic design knowledge, incites and design pretties with my visitors.

For the most part I will be posting about  graphic design but you may find some odd posts about other things that interest me. I keep everything positive and informative so if you like a little inspiration from time to time; this is the place for you!

I am absolutely passionate about graphic design and going on branding journeys with my clients! Most of the time you will find me sitting at my computer screen designing for clients, researching, or creating fun graphics…..well, for fun.

Every now and again I like to get away from the screen and take walks through the park with my constant companion Nakano the Shih Tzu! My other interests are First Fridays at the cross roads in Kansas City, finding things to photograph and spending time with my friends. Did I mention coffee?

I have also been in the Martial Arts, Armored Combat, Middle Eastern Dancing, Arts & Crafts and……..coffee!

Feel free to make comments on my posts and if you have a little bit of time go visit and  my social media pages ( links are at the top of the page)



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