I am beyond thrilled with my Business Cards design and my Branding Valerie designed for my business Lace To Moose. We sat and visited over coffee (my first time meeting her) she ask several questions about what my visions were and what my business was about. Here is what I was so impressed about her one visit and she nailed what I was looking for in my design even more than what I could envision, and there was no redoing anything it was perfect the first time. As my business is about to take its next step I look forward to having Valerie help design my web page. I have recommended her several times and know that some have used her and are very thrilled with the outcome of her creativity. Thank you Valerie for such an awesome job.
~Cindy Clark Barta – Owner – Lace To Moose~

Valerie has been my “go to” resource for graphic services for the past 2 years.  She is easy to work with, consistently provides high quality work and short lead times.  Her work is highly recommended.
~John Henning – CEO, J.Henn Group~

Valerie has been the go-to source for all of our graphical design needs for several years. She has produced website graphics, Facebook page banners, signs, posters and business cards. We have received many compliments on these from customers and readers. The originality, beauty and quality of her designs are unequaled.

It is always a pleasure to work through a concept with Valerie. I have no talent in graphics, but I generally have a concept in mind of what I want. She quickly takes what I have and generates innovative visualizations of what we are looking for. Providing guidance on changes we desire is easy, and she responds to our desires quickly and accurately.

Valerie’s knowledge extends well beyond just making images. She fully understands how to coordinate all of your products into a coherent viewpoint, a brand. It is not just making a logo and a banner, it is ensuring that there is a meaning behind the images and that they combine to show your business in the best light. She does more than just listen to what you ask for, she provides insight and guidance to make your final brand more memorable.
~Jesse & Sue Moon – Owners – Read It Again Books~

 ” Valerie is a fabulous graphic designer with a big heart and an eye for creating beautiful pieces. Not only is she great at what she does but she is a dream to work with. She is very accommodating and really understands how to bring your visions to life. I have really enjoyed working with her because she gives you plenty of options and takes you along her creation journey and doesn’t just show up with an end result after a short consultation. She is also a great connector.”
~Brandy B. – Financial Adviser – Midwest Financial Partners~

” Valerie is able to easily transform the picture within my imagination into professional artwork for my business. I love that every single time I hand my business card to a prospect; they comment on the card. Every time. They turn it over to look at both sides and usually comment on one aspect or another. It’s not just a contact card – it’s a terrific conversation starter. Valerie has done an outstanding job in my branding kit. There is definitely a unique look and feel to my pieces, and I love the subtle elements that tie and pull the different pieces together. It’s consistent but not bland, attention-getting while still professional.
 ~ Diane Thompson – Transitional Coach~

” Val is AWESOME!!! She is very creative and can create exactly what I’m thinking in my head. I Just tell her what Im thinking and the end results are Amazing!!! I Highly Recommend her and her work.
~ Cheryl Richardson – Owner of Trading Closets ~

“Valerie has produced artwork for Hope House an untold number of times over the years. I’m always completely wowed by how creative she is. Her art is always breathtaking and imaginative. I usually give her just a shred of direction and she comes back with a piece of artwork that just blows me away. I can recommend her without hesitation!”
~ Lee Marlin – Marketing Director ~

Valerie Stevenson-Alkire

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