Hope House

Hope House Graphic Design

Nakano Designs created a plethora of marketing pieces for Hope House  during the earlier years of freelancing. They still remain as one of our Featured Clients for many reasons, one being they are dear to my heart. Designing for a non-profit gave me the chance to create many different themes. Each of their fund raising events had a different theme and a different look and decor for the occasion. Nakano Designs created themed logos, invites, post cards, newsletters, annual reports, banners, cards, posters and flyers.

Hope House is a non-profit organization that helps women out of abusive relationships. Hope House services form a safety net of prevention, education and support for thousands of people traumatized by domestic violence every year. Residential services are provided through two secure locations and comprehensive outreach services are provided to those not needing secure shelter. Hotlines are: 816-461-4673 or 816-468-5463.

Please check out my portfolio for other Graphic Design work. You can also check out my Photography Portfolio and Digital Manipulation work. I would love for you stay and browse my creations!
All-That-Jazz-2011-LogoCatalogueDV-PosterJAZZ Invite 2013Jazz-poster-2013St.-Marys-Flyer


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