An Interview with Mindy Hart

Featured Entrepreneur: An interview with Mindy Hart “Where Entrepreneurs gather ‘MAGIC’ is bound to happen.”  ~Mindy Hart~ Mindy Hart is an amazing business woman/entrepreneur and has a passion for helping others……in a major way! She has spent the better part of  twenty years in non-profit doing everything from direct services, management to fund raising and
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Top Five Branding Mistakes – small businesses make

TOP FIVE BRANDING MISTAKES – small businesses make I recently ran across a Google hangout with Julie Cottineau, Owner and CEO of “Brand Twist” and Terry Byford, a Director on the Getty Images Legal team. Together they candidly discuss the Top 5 branding mistakes small businesses make. Being a graphic designer, I am ubber excited
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Creative Strategy

Getting Your Creative On: how to get your creative power back As a graphic designer it is my job to focus on my clients and find the best way to solve their design needs. Listening to the client, research and inspiration from other designers, things can get pretty muttled . There is so much information
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Welcome to Nakano Designs

Welcome to my site. Grab some coffee, relax and stay a few! I have read and commented on many blogs throughout the past few years and now, I’m glad to have a place to call my own! I am also grateful to to share my graphic design knowledge, incites and design pretties with my visitors.
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The Value Of Graphic Design

The Value Of Graphic Design If you take a look around, graphic design is everywhere. It plays a big role in our lives. From the products that we use, to the things that we read and now days to the websites we visit. We use brands to shout to the world who we are. Design
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