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The Face of Domestic Violence

The Face of Domestic Violence – If you could change a life would you? Domestic Violence is a hard subject for a lot of people to openly discuss. After all, it is not the mainstream subject people want to have in the forefront of their minds. It is the celebrity stories of Kansas City Chief
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Award Winning Photographer Richard Calmes.

Featured Interview – Richard Calmes

Featured Interview – Award winning photographer Richard Calmes I have been following Richard Calmes for the past two years and I am completely in awe of his ability to capture the beauty and strength of the dancers. It is a collaboration of two totally different medias, combining, to make award winning works of art. With
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An Interview with Mindy Hart

Featured Entrepreneur: An interview with Mindy Hart “Where Entrepreneurs gather ‘MAGIC’ is bound to happen.”  ~Mindy Hart~ Mindy Hart is an amazing business woman/entrepreneur and has a passion for helping others……in a major way! She has spent the better part of  twenty years in non-profit doing everything from direct services, management to fund raising and
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