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Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics.Design is so simple, that is why it is so complicated Paul Rand

At Nakano Designs we understand that even the smallest of projects require vision and strategy! Your vision defines that strategy. And there is a point in which it must arrive. Some of our clients know that vision and strategy when they come to us, and if they don’t we can help them with it.

Initial Consultation:
Nakano Designs loves encouraging our clients to take an active role in the design process. We believe that  projects also include ‘little ‘s’ strategy’. These are the ideas and techniques that are applied to each step within a project. A little ‘s’ idea can can relate to content, it can take the original brief and extend it to add value, meaning and impact for the intended audience.

We aim to take a brief and to stretch it in such a way. To see how far it can go, into new, feasible (and fiscally responsible) realms of possibility. We take the time to listen to our clients needs to obtain specific goals for the materials being developed and identifying ideas, visions, culture, etc. that will make your materials unique to your products and services.

This is also an excellent opportunity for us to get to know you! We love learning about the ways each business and organisation works. You can learn interesting things from the people you work with. You probably didn’t know that across open territory a wolf howl can be audible for ten miles, but now you do.

Once we have specifically defined your vision, we will prepare a written proposal and project plan that outlines the expanded brief, detailed descriptions of deliverables, milestones and responsibilities of everyone travelling on the expedition.  Your signed approval serves as a written service agreement/contract. In this proposal/contract we will include items such as: scope of work, associated fees, additional fees, and what we will need from your business to get started.  For our out-of-state clients an acknowledgment and reply email on the agreement will serve as a digital signature. Once all parties agree upon all items in this written proposal that is where the FUN begins!

Project Kick-off:
AWESOME!! You have now agreed to take Nakano Designs on your journey. The kick-off meeting is the time to Dream, Imagine, Think and Create your project goals. this is the time to talk about design likes and dislikes, identify artwork and fonts to be used, layout styles, etc.

Since we want to get off on the right foot for the initial design concept, it is important that we specifically evaluate all your ideas, and gather as much information as possible. A little ‘s’ idea can can relate to content, it can take the original brief and extend it to add value, meaning and impact for the intended audience. Sometimes it’s devising extra campaigns to market a project. We will also begin to provide you a list of the information we will require from your business: unique photography, descriptive text, etc.

Initial Designs:
We take all of the information and ideas gathered during our kick-off meeting and set out to do our job of creating a unique, compelling, and effective design solution for your company’s service or product that specifically targets your consumer groups.  We do this by applying what we know about your design needs and objectives with in depth industry research and brainstorming to create preliminary sketches, and finally, computer rendered designs.

After we have created the initial idea/theme of a compelling design solution, we will present the initial design concepts for review. It’s important to innovate and not just settle for the comfort of familiarity and routine. So we wander through the wilderness regularly with the aim to bring our clients back  ideas with specific outcomes and benefits. It is very critical that you provide input regarding the visuals, color, layout, content, and any other visual element relevant to the project.  It is important to note, have all persons relevant to the decision making process involved in reviewing the initial design concept and provide feedback.

Refinement of Designs:
Based on your feedback we further modify, refine or expand (if necessary) the initial designs to meet your objectives. Don’t worry, you will still be with us on our travels!

Concept Approval:
At this stage, we will be in agreement that the goals of the design objective are being met. We will continue with “Design Construction” stage. At this stage, we will be in agreement that the goals of the design objective are being met. We will begin to incorporate all content into the design process.  At this time we will communicate back and forth regarding any additional text and/or visual requirements.

Vendor Coordination:
If necessary, we work with several, high quality, vendors involved in the digital and printing industries to coordinate the reproduction and/or distribution of your completed materials.  Our list of approved vendors includes: offset printers, digital printers, mail management, photographers, e-mail marketing, web hosting firms and various other vendors each project may require.

Final Project:
Are we there yet? This stage is the most exciting for both the client and Nakano Designs. This is the stage where a Dream, Vision and strategy becomes the Reality. This is where everything comes together so we can present it to the world! Files are sent to printers and one line strategy’s are launched. Ready, Set, Go!!!!!

Ongoing Client Relationship:
We regard you and your business as a valued customer who’s on-going marketing material needs are important to us. The completion of your initial project is seen as the beginning of our relationship. We want to serve you as an arm of your organization. Consider us the marketing/graphic design department of your business as we intimately know your business and understand the goals of your marketing plan.

We are available to your business to maintain print projects/websites that have been developed, and venture into new projects as your marketing needs expand or change.

Valerie Stevenson-Alkire 



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