Brand identity,Graphic design,  Media Strategy.

Nakano Designs specializes in Brand identity which includes Logo design/ publication and marketing materials/social media strategy, website graphics and more!

My Nakano

Nakano Designs is more than just a brand name and our logo represents the way in which we approach graphic design.

We believe good graphic design comes from good ideas; however good ideas are hard to come by. The bonsai symbolizes harmony, peace and order of thoughts. It sums up the connection we create with our clients. With good collaboration comes effective ideas.  Good ideas not only have to be able to be converted into something visually appealing, but they must also effectively communicate the message of the business behind it.

You could say that graphic design is our life. We read books about it, we research it and consume it as much as possible. It is our passion  which drives us to consistently strive for bigger and better things. Just as the bonsai reaches out of the circle it is out of its comfort zone.  Yes, it takes a bold client to do something different from their competitors, but we believe it is more of a risk to blend in with the crowd than to stand out. Our aim is to see your business develop and push forward to bigger and better things.

We believe that a strong brand will stand the test of time through periods of recession or growth and bring improved client engagement. It makes sense to stand out from the crowd. A wide spread symbolism of a tree is life, its body rooted in the earth with its crown dancing in the sky. In order to thrive, a business must be grounded in their core values. Their brand must transcend into everything they do and their identity is to reflect that.  It is the way they shout it to the world.


We love to celebrate  brands through the stories they have to tell and amplify them to your clients wherever they are. Good graphic design comes from understanding the personality of the our clients, their products and the audience they serve. It is our purpose to provide creative leadership in a collaborative environment. It is our passion to serve our talents as communicator and artist.


Nakano Designs works with you to create a Brand Identity that is unique to you. We know that creating a strong identity will build mind share — one of the strongest competitive advantages imaginable. As a result, customers will think of your business first when they think of your product category. A brand is one thing you can own that no one can take away from you. It creates a lasting value above and beyond all the other elements of your business. Among all the other brands and competitors it is important that you as a business STAND OUT. Nakano Designs can  help you through your graphic design process.

Valerie Stevenson-Alkire 






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