Read It Again Books

Read It Again Books Brand Identity

Got Fantasy? Read It Again Books wanted to use fantasy art and design elements to appeal to their clients. There is nothing like curling up with a great fantasy book and getting lost in the Story.The page curl design that you see on their business cards and across their branding is used to implicate a page being turned back and all the fantasy that you find within the pages.

A “Zenti” Book Character has been developed for one of their marketing campaigns and to go on a gift certificate that clients can purchase at the store or online. Read It Again Books also frequents science fiction conventions and uses fantasy posters for advertisements. Nakano Designs has also designed web page graphics, buttons and ads for their website along with a vynal banner, and ads for print design.

Please check out my portfolio for other Graphic Design work. You can also check out my Photography Portfolio and Digital Manipulation work. I would love for you stay and browse my creations!


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